• The Main Credit Bureaus

  • One of the first things that you will need to do when you decide to start improving your credit score is to get copies of your credit report to see where you need to start acting to boost your rating.

    There are three major credit bureaus that you will need to contact. They will send you copies of your reports and once you receive them you should carefully go through all the documents to see whether there have been any mistakes that might affect your rating.

    It is not uncommon to find some errors and if that is the situation you will need to contact the necessary agencies to get these corrected.

    This can be done via the Internet, phone, mail or fax.

    Here is a list of the organizations that you will need to contact;

    Equifax Credit Information Services, Inc


    Experian National Consumer Assistance Center


    TransUnion LLC Consumer Disclosure Center


    Whenever you are dealing with anyone at these organizations make sure that you get the details of the person who is handling your request as this will allow you to go back to them if the error isn't resolved and it will also help to make them act and do as you request.

    Keep copies of all the correspondence you have in case you need to produce it if there are problems again in the future.

    If they make changes check that they are as you expected and if not query them until you are happy with the solution.

    Sometimes just clearing up some of these errors and issues might be enough to allow you to boost your credit score and have access to more opportunities to borrow money or save money with lower interest rate loans.

    Never assume that people have done their job correctly especially when it comes to something as important as your financial position. Many people have been paying higher interest rates for years simply because they were unaware that there were errors on their credit reports giving them a lower rating.