Kala Group Credit was created to educate and serve consumers who cannot access the credit or financing they need because of their poor credit history. We recognize that bad things happen to good people. We help people to help themselves.

    Our founders have been assisting consumers with credit and debt problems for nearly four decades. In the 1990’s we owned and operated a consumer credit counseling business and debt consolidation company. Although we helped tens of thousands of consumers get out of debt, we did nothing to help them with credit recovery. In fact, debt consolidation often causes further harm to the consumer’s credit history. In the early 2000’s we sold our debt consolidation business and began offering credit repair services. Over the past two decades we’ve perfected our program to not only deliver great results but also educate the consumer.


    Communities across the nation filled with consumers of all ages equipped with the knowledge they need to navigate the process of building and maintaining strong personal credit profiles that will enable them to access the best rates and terms available thus, contributing to their opportunity to achieve financial stability and freedom.


    Educate and empower consumers to make informed and intentional credit decisions so that they have access to fair and affordable credit for a lifetime.


    Financial Knowledge is Power!