• Our services begin the moment you contact us. We’ll explain our program, our cost for services, and how to get your free credit consultation.

    Receive Your Free Consultation

    We’ll ask you to share your recent credit reports from at least 3 credit bureaus. If you do not already have your reports, we’ll request that you enroll in a 7-Day Trial of a credit monitoring service whose software is compatible with our letter generation software. Once we’ve reviewed your reports, we’ll provide a free consultation to discuss:

    1)    your immediate goals with your credit;
    2)    which items could be legitimately removed or corrected;
    3)    which items may need negotiation and settlement for removal; and
    4)    provide you with a realistic timeframe for your desired results.

    Starting Our Do-It-With-You Services

    If you decide to move forward with our services, the following steps will be necessary:

    1)    you will complete and sign our Client Services Agreement;
    2)   if you haven’t already, you will enroll with a credit monitoring service whose software is compatible with our letter generation software and provide us with access. This service must remain active while we are working with you;
    3)    we will prepare Debt Validation documents and give you access to review, ask questions, print, sign, and mail using U.S. Postal Certified Return Receipt Mail;
    4)    we will debit your bank account, according to the terms of the Agreement, for completing the debt validation documents.

    The Process Continues

    We use our expertise to guide you with effective documents for you to mail to the credit bureaus and creditors to achieve your goals. However, you must participate in the process by reviewing and mailing documents as soon as they are prepared and by forwarding to us every letter you receive back from the credit bureaus and creditors. Without the ability to learn what they may be asking you for, or the actions they have taken, we cannot provide our best guidance and you will likely not achieve your desired results as quickly as you would like.

    Most client files require multiple rounds of document preparation. To allow sufficient time for the bureaus and creditors to receive your letters, react to your requests, respond to you in writing, and delivery of the mail to you, we produce one round of documents each month. On occasion, the bureaus or creditors may ask you for more detail before making a decision about their course of action. In these cases we may not wait until the subsequent month to provide you with assistance in responding.