• Our services begin the moment you contact us. We’ll explain our program, our cost for services, and how to get your free credit analysis.

    Signing the Agreement

    We’ll have you sign an Agreement that clearly states your analysis is free and you have no obligation to us until you agree:
    1)    to move forward with our services; and
    2)    we’ve completed the first work, and
    3)    you’ve made your one-time payment to us.

    The Agreement signing process is important to complete before your credit analysis because our system walks you through step by step how to get all three credit reports from a monitoring service that is compatible with our analysis software. This portal is a secure information sharing environment, unlike your email in-box.

    Receive your Free Credit Analysis

    Once we’ve reviewed your credit reports and prepared your credit analysis, we’ll provide a free consultation to discuss:
    1)    which items can be legitimately removed;
    2)    which items may need our negotiation and settlement services; and
    3)    provide you with a realistic timeframe for your desired results.

    We'll do the First Work

    If you decide to move forward with our services after your consultation, we will prepare “first work” discovery documents that you will print, sign, and mail by certified return receipt to the consumer credit bureaus. When the first work is complete, you will receive an invoice for immediate payment. Most files require multiple rounds of dispute and our settlement services. All of this is discussed, and your questions can be answered, during the free consultation.