Sales Professional

Posted 3 years ago

Sales Professional

Kala Group LLC:

At Kala Group LLC we value people who are passionate about helping others and who want to bring new perspectives to our team. If you like making a difference by helping others to change their lives, and if you enjoy sharing your opinions and experiences to improve workplace processes, then we’d like to talk with you.

Brief Description of the Job:

At Kala Group LLC we are always looking for experienced, ethical Sales Professionals who enhance our sales team, helping to make us a better, stronger company. As a member of our sales team, you are the “face” of Kala Group LLC, making the first impression upon the potential client, or prospect. As a seasoned sales professional you know that sales are made based upon relationships, not information. You must possess the ability to quickly and easily build a positive and trust-centered rapport with the prospect. You must be able to read, understand, and communicate the results of our credit analysis with the prospect. You must be willing to study and learn the local, state, and federal laws related to consumer credit repair and adhere to each law at all times. You must be able to answer all prospect questions and successfully gain the sale converting the prospect into a paid client. Send us an email to contact@Kala for a full job description with responsibilities and requirements.

Basic Responsibilities:

  • Successfully convert prospects into clients
  • Review the credit analysis with the prospect and formulate a strategy that will help them achieve their credit goals
  • Successfully meet or exceed assigned individual sales goals on a daily/weekly basis
  • Contribute new ideas and strategies to the sales process
  • Maintain a positive and energetic attitude
  • Maintain a strong working knowledge of consumer credit laws and company policies and procedures at all times

Basic Requirements:

  • A minimum of 1 year of successful experience performing sales in a call center environment
  • Ability to quickly build a positive trust-centered rapport with consumers over the phone
  • Provide excellent customer service with the ability to answer all questions from prospects related to our services
  • Must be a team player who thrives in a fast-paced, energetic environment
  • Must be reliable and dependable to perform all tasks utilizing the specified processes to meet sales goals and deadlines


As a member of our sales team you will receive a base salary with the expectation that the majority of your income will be commission and bonus based. You will earn a commission on every paid sale you close and be eligible to earn weekly bonuses based upon your own sales as well as monthly bonuses based upon your team’s sales performance.

  • Base Wage Depending Upon Experience From ($10/hr)
  • Commissions Based Upon Sales Goals From ($10.00/sale)
  • Monthly Performance Bonus Based Upon Company Sales Goals ($2.00/sale)
  • Free participation in our Rapid Credit Repair Program for you and your spouse/domestic partner

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