• Kala Group Credit has been helping consumers with their credit problems for nearly 3 decades. Over the years we’ve seen and tried nearly every method of credit repair. In 2014 we perfected our formula!

    Unfortunately, too many individuals try to open credit repair businesses without the knowledge they need to best serve the consumer. They have some success with one or two methods and suddenly they are selling their services as “expert”. Often, these individuals don’t know the laws related to credit repair, therefore they cannot comply with the laws. They often don’t know how to use the statutes of limitations or how to handle debt buyers.

    Some companies, including very large, well-known law firms and multi-level marketing companies, offer credit repair with low monthly payments. Unfortunately, the monthly payment benefits is designed to keep the consumer making payments for many months, thereby benefiting the credit repair company not the consumer. We’ve seen clients who have paid other companies every month for up to 2 years, without the results they were seeking. While this method may be legal, we feel it isn’t ethical because the consumer isn’t fully informed about when the work will be done on their behalf. The low monthly payment model typically means a little work is done each month, never all at once. At Kala Group Credit, you make one payment after we've completed the discovery documents and that's it! We aggressively work with your file until it is optimized. We won't surprise you with additional fees for "additional work".

    Kala Group Credit has developed the Rapid Credit Repair Program for it’s clients. We provide a free credit analysis and a free consultation to learn your goals so that we can quickly help you achieve those goals. For example, if you are trying to buy a home, you may not need full optimization to reach the scores necessary for the mortgage approval with favorable terms. We first work to help you get approved, then we continue until your file is optimized.

    Our clients participate in their credit repair. We don’t communicate with credit bureaus directly. We prepare documentation for the consumer to print, sign, and mail. The consumer then provides us with copies of any correspondence received back from the bureaus. By having the client participate, they are always fully aware of the status of their credit repair.

    We will only charge you once. All of our services are included in that one price. It doesn’t matter if you have delinquencies, judgements, liens, child support, or other public records. We’ll even take on most bankruptcies.

    We won’t charge you monthly payments that can go on and on for years. We won’t charge you per deletion that can result in you paying thousands of dollars for a dispute process that may result in your debts re-appearing at a later date. We won’t provide you with a menu of services so that you are surprised by additional fees after you sign up. We will never keep you in the dark as to the progress being made because you are an integral part of the process.