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  • What’s up guys Devo credit here today is May 22nd 2018 I would like to welcome everyone to this new video for all of our new viewers if you haven’t already please subscribe to our channel that way we’ll be a little motivated to make additional videos and you know just kind of help educate our crowd out there now today what I wanted to do is go over two things one thing is I have some more proof of negative accounts being removed from our credit repair service also guys in the description area you will find some contact information if you did need help repairing your credit also the second half of the video I’m going to just kind of freestyle and think out loud while you guys watch me and I’ll show you how I learn and how to use what the credit agencies give you to your advantage and I’ll go into more detail later on in the video so without further ado we’re actually looking at where’s my cursor here there we go we’re asked to be looking at a results of a transunion credit dispute it was done on let’s see report date March 25th 2018 of this year actually says the 28th here but I think that’s when we actually access these results alright so what we’re gonna do and also guys make it a habit to read everything you know it’s common practice for the average individual to not read the define print or directions with anything not just you know anything dealing with credit but slow down read everything now I’m not going to read everything on the video just for the sake of time but that’s how I learned years back and I continued to learn no one can ever know everything you know especially with everything always changing technology changes laws changes there’s so many changes going on that you have to stay plugged in to the system and figure out what’s going on now what might work today it might not work in two or three months so that’s why you have to stay engaged and understand what’s going on now this is trending like I said before here they give us some definitions here we’re not gonna read these but if you ever have results from TransUnion this probably looks familiar just take the time out to read it so you can better understand exactly what you’re looking at that way if you need help with your credit or if you plan on fixing it yourself you kind of have the basics down as far as the terminology that way if you work with somebody like me or another company you can better communicate your message because I have a lot of customers who they don’t know anything about credit repair so they have a million questions and a lot of times your simple questions if they would just take the time and just read but let’s keep going here now let me see where we’re at now with this investigation I think it was eight or nine negative items only half of them were removed and these are the results of the first round of dispute letter that I sent out so we’re just going to go over this and then we’ll just continue so this first half is you know everything that was deleted which is it which it says here investigation results deleted Carrie young I believe that’s a collection company enhanced recovery phanie sounds like another collection first national created that’s me that’s some type of a credit card I don’t have tea well I do have all my customers information but I want to look it up uh portfolio recovery I think we all heard of these guys these are one of the main debt buyers out there and they’re very difficult to work with and your disputes normally don’t come off the first time around with portfolio recovery so that was a good one there now the rest of these during our first initial dispute they didn’t come off this right here looks like a student loan here yeah student loan right here that didn’t come off first comers credit you mean that’s a bank that didn’t come off let’s see what else we got portfolio recovery one of the accounts didn’t come off and that’s the weird thing about credit repair you we just seen before that a portfolio recovery account was deleted but this account was not deleted why I have no idea I suspect that more than one person handles disputes so for instance let’s say you have three portfolio recovery accounts one person might work on the first two and then maybe the third dispute another person might work on and send the information into the credit bureaus to either verify or delete it that’s just my guess and I don’t have any proof of that but just thinking logically it just doesn’t make sense that the exact same company wouldn’t delete on all of the disputes from that specific customer but that’s just credit repair sometime they do sometime they don’t what else we got yeah it looks like a JC Penney store card here that didn’t come off what else all right so that’s the end result so we have let me go back you got one two three four so we have four accounts that did not come off now during our second dispute they eventually did come off and this is a credit comma report provided by Trans Union of one of the exact same customers credit report now as of April 16th those four accounts that didn’t come off they came off around April 16th as you can see here that none of those accounts are listed and most of these are fedloan stealing loan accounts and as you can see none of those accounts are on here now if we go back let’s say I don’t know March 21st 2018 let’s see we ship ever see those accounts here’s one of them this is a first commerce credit union as you can see just kind of you know giving you some proof that this is the same account this is that student loan that we were talking about that was on there and I’ll see the collections oh hey there yeah sorry about that and then these are their collections of Carter Young which we just seen in the two portfolio recovery accounts so that shows you that this is the same account and as of April 16th all those accounts are gone so just kind of giving you some proof that we’re still removing negative accounts from people’s credit reports including student loans and collections and things of that nature again if you did need help repairing your credit I will leave information in the description area that way you can contact us and we’ll see how we can help you out now that’s that now let’s get back to the educational portion of this we’re back in the results page so whenever they see any results by law they have to provide you with certain information even though they really don’t want to because a lot of that information actually is to our advantage to take advantage of so at the end of the results there’s a lot of helpful information and if you just take the time to read it it will increase your education and your knowledge of credit repair and not only credit credit repair but other aspects let’s dive into this a little deeper now some stuff let’s see if it’s not that important I’m you should read everything I’m not going to go over everything I’m gonna try to pick out some of the most important items that I think that’s important okay here’s a good one it says dispute directly with the company that reported the information to us if you want changes made to information found on your credit report you may dispute with the company that reported it you the contact information listed in your investigation results now this is very important everybody does things differently I learned that if it’s you know if it’s possible if it’s all possible I never try to communicate with the creditor a lot of people do a lot of people have good results with it some people don’t have good results with it because you got to be careful on what you send the creditor because whatever they send you they can use against you so if they don’t have it in your personal information or your information on file why would you send them information that they don’t have now they can use that information against you to verify your account think about that for a second but back to this now whenever I dispute or how I teach my employees or business partners to dispute is we always dispute to the credit bureau now sometimes a lot of times they don’t comply and they always claim that items are verified or it was verified now if you send a second dispute it comes back verified again you might want to dispute directly with the company now I found that it’s very highly effective if you do dispute directly with the company but not initially why is that I’m not sure it’s just I’ve been doing this for so long and I can’t explain it you know I’m not on the other side of the spectrum as far as the creditor is concerned but it’s very effective so just remember that dispute directly with the company that reported the information to us now a trick that I like to use personally everybody does stuff differently is I like to dispute with the creditor and the credit Brut at the exact same time I have had a higher removal rate doing that lately you know as of May two thousand eighteen the reason why I never know I’m always trying different stuff you can’t continue to do the same thing so you have to evolve you have to be creative and try different stuff you just can’t copy and paste letters and Mail em out and then complain is not working okay I’m telling you now that’s your plan that’s a bad plan you need to educate yourself on this subject just like you would anything else before you start taking initiative so I could go in more detail but that’s the gist of the story so let’s continue provide to us any other information or documents about your dispute all right so yeah I guess we can go over this one so with this one briefly let’s say something comes back verified and you dispute it with the creditor directly like we just finished discussing there and the creditor sent you some information back saying you know our investigation results ba bla bla bla bla bla says it’s not your account or it’s inaccurate and we’re going to advise the credit bureaus to remove this item or something on that line if you receive that from a creditor then send in another dispute to one of the credit bureaus and add that documentation with that and let the credit bureaus note that that company has already decided to remove this item and you show them proof and it will be removed very quickly that is an example of just taking the time to read what the credit Brewers provide you and use it to your advantage let’s continue file a complaint this is another GU I mean a lot of this stuff is good I can go into deep detail with each bullet point but I know you guys have lives and I do too and I don’t want to be too long but this is some good information this is this is this is how you learn so file a complaint about the company reporting the account or about in this case TransUnion with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or with the state’s attorney general’s office they’re telling you exactly who to contact to file a complaint so instead of screaming at somebody that’s helping you repair your credit or getting upset at yourself just just slow down chill out just come here it’s gonna be okay and read filed a complaint where do you go Consumer Financial Protection Bureau where is that at highlighted in google it guarantee you it’ll pop up your state’s attorney general’s office you don’t know it highlight this type in your state after the word general office excuse me general’s office hit enter on Google guarantee to pop up now after that just gonna follow the directions on these specific sites I actually working on a membership site where I’m going in great detail with subjects like these and create video tutorials with modules of step-by-step directions of how to do this type of stuff including repairing your credit including student loans bankruptcy anything in the credit repair world it’s gonna be on my membership site if you want to be included with the like an early bird special where I give you a 50% discount on that just shoot me an email first in well did shoot me and then I’ll let you know what you need to send me so I can put you on that list for my membership site but this is another good tactic you know if you keep sitting in a dispute to the creditors or the credit bureaus contact the CFPB the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and they will basically what they do is they make companies do their job basically so a company doesn’t want to investigate or if they keep saying something verified and they have not sent you any type of information then this is what they do they make them send it or that you have to delete that information so file a complaint don’t be scared to file a complaint I mean I’ve even filed a complaint mail the creditor any other creditor was all at once and had a lot of success with that – like I said I trust off all the time you just got to just mix it up let’s continue should you wish to contact TransUnion I’m not going to go over that self-explanatory they have websites you can go to they have million addresses and phone numbers and they actually give you the time that you can contact them so that’s that summary of Rights mmm we’ll skip that hardly me enlarge this a little bit so I can see what’s going on oh I can spend like a half-hour on each of these bullet points um I’m not gonna go everything’s gonna quickly breeze through this real quick all right so these are some of our rights here first one says you must be totally if information in your file has been used against you except explainatory I’m not gonna dive into that you have the right to know what’s in your file you have the right to export credit score the other rights dispute incomplete or inaccurate information there are is a good when consumer reporting agencies must correct or delete inaccurate incomplete or unverifiable information inaccurate and complete or unverifiable information must be removed or corrected usually within 30 days you can take this you can literally copy and paste this and create your dispute letter off this line just that without any other knowledge copy and paste this into a letter pick one of these inaccurate and complete or unverifiable and say inaccurate this account is inaccurate and you must remove it within 30 days something that simple now you might want to go into a little bit more detail but it says it right here consumer reporting agencies must correct or delete inaccurate and complete or unverifiable information now I haven’t done this before but just thinking about it now as I’m reading this I will create a letter that says after reading my consumer rights from the results you have provided me from my credit report you clearly stated that the consumer reporting agencies must correct or delete inaccurate incomplete or unverifiable information the accounts below falls within these parameters please delete this information within 30 days and I’m sure you will because you do not want to violate their Fair Credit Reporting Act done that’s a dispute letter right there it’s very short very powerful and what you did was you use their information against them they wrote it all we did is copy and paste it and that’s a very good idea I’m actually probably gonna do that later today and you should too let’s continue because Sumer reporting agencies may not report outdated negative information this is just a good to know information most accounts they shouldn’t be over seven years old and four bankruptcies no longer than ten years old so once you’re looking over your credit report or maybe somebody else’s credit report just make sure that the account isn’t 7 days old and if I say bankruptcy just make sure it’s not older than 10 years old oh and a good tip while it’s on my mind now let’s say you have an account that’s let me see three and a half years and you have an additional three and a half years until it drops off now this is a hit and miss but if you have an account more than 50% more than three and a half years old if you just sent in a letter or call fax or yeah I probably seen in a letter letters are more effective just sending a letter saying can you get an early deletion from whatever item you can even state that you clearly know that this item is supposed to be deleted 2025 but you understand that the credit bureaus have the authority to release or delete or block this account early and sometime they do it sometime they did they won’t do it now the closer it is to the seven years the higher percentage or the higher chance that it will be deleted I’ve tried this very successfully with accounts that’s five or six years old they will go ahead and delete it most of the time because if an accounts more than two three years old most collection agencies and debt collectors and the creditors they know the math they know that if a customer hasn’t paid that collection of that debt within those first two or three years the likelihood of them paying after that is very low therefore it’s not really important to them or they don’t feel like they’re losing out if they just go ahead and delete that information now that’s a very very cool trick try it out let me know how it works for you yeah all right let’s keep going let’s see access to your file that’s limited don’t care about that pre-screen care about that all right let’s keep going there’s some good information here too but I’m just going to keep going there’s something that I’ve seen earlier all right this would be the last portion here now I have a handful of clients that are legitimate identity theft victims if you’ve been if you’ve been in I didn’t eat the victim you have a handful of tools and resources that you have at your disposal also the accounts if they’re still listed on your credit report those are the easiest to remove and delete um and all you have to do is just follow the directions on sites like consumerfinance.gov which they give you all the directions here we’re not gonna go in to it too much but if you’ve been a victim of identity theft and you’ve been having issues or trouble trying to get your life back on track to remove certain items that we’re either on there through the divorce or you know some other nature you need to pay attention to this let’s start at the top just are alert fraud alert okay that’s not important all right here’s a good one now usually the with credit reports you’re allowed one credit report once every 12 months for free but what happens is that when you initially activate a fraud alert on your account you’re entitled to additional credit report so let’s say you already got your free credit report for that year and you’re an identity theft victim and you placed a fraud alert on your credit profiles you’re entitled to another credit report so instead of having one for the year you’ll have two and it says that let’s see right here an initial fraud alert entitles you to a copy of all information in your file at each of the three nationwide agencies and the extended alert entitles you to two free file disclosures in a 12-month period following the placing of the alert so that’s basically reiterating what I just said so that’s very good to know there’s more into that but you can read more about that at the consumerfinance.gov slash learn more to kind of get a better understanding of that specific subject all right let’s see you have the right to obtain documents relating to fraudulent transactions may or accounts open using your personal information all right this is another section where you can just literally just copy and paste this and make another dispute letter it said it’s exactly what you would say in this Beulah tur basically showed me some documentation that I opened this bank account show me some documentation that proves without a shadow of a doubt that that’s my student loan prove it it ain’t what you know it’s what you can prove if you can prove it fine you can’t prove it follow the law remove it off my credit profile and stop wasting my time let’s continue you have the right to obtain information from a debt collector all right we’re going to end it with this last one here I’m just ok these last two much because they kind of go hand in hand I’m not gonna read it very well read the title is it if you believe information in your file results from identity theft you have the right to access the consumer reporting agency to block that information from your file you also may prevent businesses from reporting information about you to consumer important to consumer reporting agencies if you believe the information is a result of identity theft are to sum all this stuff right here up this is what I talked about in the beginning of this section if you’ve been a victim of identity theft all you have to do is follow those steps for identity theft which you can just go to like I said the consumerfinance.gov and find out more information and what’s what they’re going to basically take you through the step-by-step process of to know to remedy your situation first you’re going to contact the credit bureaus and give them all the necessary documentation that you are a victim of identity theft and then in turn they’re gonna take that information and eventually have a package that you sent to the businesses or the creditors that you have been a victim of identity theft and what’s going to happen the credit bureaus are gonna block the information and the businesses are going to block when I say block they basically they delete it from your credit report this now the block portion means well if I remove this and then later on they do actually verify it what happens is it does it go back on our credit report with this process know that’s what block means they block it so even if they tried to report it they legally can’t put it on your credit report they can’t so this is very powerful this is very powerful I hope that you understand the significance of what we just went over now I couldn’t go into too much detail it just take way too long but use these resources there are free resources the government is actually good for some things and they do give you information outlets sometimes the information is very hard to come across it’s almost like they try to hide you know important resources that will actually help the American people I’m not sure why maybe you guys do I have no idea but use these resources grab those credit reports grab those results that you might have start reading these disclosures start reading your rights these are your rights use these rights against them and start creating your own dispute letters if you need help just contact us now phone support is very limited I will leave our office number usually we have our voicemail turned on so if you ever call and the voicemail ton turns on we’re just super busy or I’m super busy I’ve have a lot of other stuff going on so sometime I have a couple of systems that will email you guys back as fast as possible if you needed any help with anything as far as your own credit repair or if you want to try to repair your own credit just let us know just contact us we’re here for you guys and we do have a credit inquiry excuse me ooh hard inquiry removal service also again I’m coming out with a membership site soon I’m gonna have so much information as far as credit repair credit building so if you need to add positive accounts like authorized user accounts or primary trade accounts busy is credit you need funding if you need anything dealing with the financial world we’re gonna have some videos and information about that continue to learn I’m gonna continue to learn and try to educate as many people as I possibly can on the subject that I personally know about I can’t educate you on something that I have no idea about and this has been a joy talking to you guys today I really hope you enjoyed the video and if you have any comments just leave them below this video please like this video and if you guys want me to make a certain video about a certain subject just leave it in the comments area and I’ll see what I can do until next time you guys deep bless talk to you later

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