• I can’t believe it. Two months ago my realtor told me that I couldn’t qualify for a mortgage. She sent me to Kala Group Credit. Now I am closing on my new house next week! I love you guys! Thank you so much!

    Cal C.

  • So far I have been quite pleased with your service and happy to see that my credit is definitely improving.

    Jennifer L.

  • The staff has been great. In the first month I already have one report back and it really works! I can't wait to see the negative entries fall off my other reports as well. Thanks a million!

    Henry L.

  • I called them because I heard they work fast. I was denied for a business loan because of my personal credit. They helped remove the inquiries and several other issues and then helped me get the business loan I needed!

    Andrew V.

  • My credit was never bad. Just a couple old issues. Didn’t have any new credit. When my car broke down I couldn't even get an older used car because my scores were in the 500s. Now a month later my scores are in the high 600s after adding tradelines. I just bought a brand new car!

    Tim O.